THE LEGACY OF ttt @ 50

Ladies and Gentlemen… members of the ttt fraternity.

My congratulations to all who made this event possible. I was told that the initiative came from the “younger” members of the ttt staff list.   Well done!

Fifty years ago ttt was inaugurated and today, the service no longer exists.  In our hearts however; the memories of our individual and collective experiences live-on.   This will forever be like this… because those who contributed to the growth and development of ttt from 1962 to the closing of its doors… also pioneered television in Trinidad and Tobago.  The ten television services now operating all reflect a bit of ttt and you must be recognized for this… as you paved the way and laid the foundation for those now working in the television industry.  A truly remarkable achievement.

We must also pay tribute to those who came from CBS-USA; Rediffusion-UK and Thompson International-Canada and set-up Trinidad and Tobago Television.  They were also responsible for the initial recruitment and as such made it possible for many of us to be part of the Organization.  Our thanks and appreciations go out to them.  They will all be remembered for making tv possible in T&T.  Thank you.

We are here today, some in the present and others like my self, in spirit.  This is so because we all share a common bond of having been part of the ttt experience.   That in many ways helped to define us as individuals in life and as professionals in the media.  There are many who have departed and are  possibly together in the “big studio in the sky“, we must not forget them and be thankful and appreciative that they added value to the development of ttt.

We must all be proud as we assisted, participated and contributed in making the Independence of Trinidad and Tobago a reality.  The role of the media and ttt in particular….must not be minimized in the weight of the contribution which was made to help establish the cross-over from a British Crown Colony to an Independent Nation, now also at fifty years and still evolving.  ttt helped to establish and contributed to bind this new country.  One of the core objectives of ttt was to develop the service for nation building.   A vision which was remarkably executed by all who participated in a diverse range of locally produced programs.

ttt was a founding member of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union and played a significant role in developing the television arm of the Union.   It worked with fellow regional broadcasters to establish a Caribbean Community as mandated by CARICOM.   ttt was also a Member of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Union and actively participated in a number of Global broadcasting initiatives.

While ttt is no longer a broadcast facility, the work which you did as contributors to the various aspects of local productions and with your service to the support systems, you made ttt a successful business venture for many years.   That achievement will always stand firm and tall as the history books will always reflect the business of ttt as one of its outstanding successes.

The ttt experience is unique; as one had only a single opportunity to be part of the inauguration and the foundation building of television in T&T..  The challenge lasted for many years… from 1962 to the transmitter being turned off,… your diligence, creativity and love for the media did not diminish.  This is the legacy of ttt, its Staff and Freelancers as well as the Advertising Agencies and Independent Producers.   You made it possible for others to emulate and today there are hundreds whose livelihood came out of those pioneering efforts.   Bravo!… Be proud of the part which you played to establish and develop the Trinidad and Tobago television industry and at the same time exposed the arts, culture and daily activities of the nation.   You are amongst those Pioneers who helped to establish a new industry in a new nation and earned yourself a place in history.

ttt was not just a tv service but it was a community of people.   There were many marriages; friendships for life and experiences which are forever etched in our memory.  As we grow older, I am sure; many will recall the ttt experience as possibly being some of the best years of our youth….  In our lives…. no matter where we go, we will each carry a piece of ttt with us as well as the friendships which we made.  The ttt spirit is alive and well amongst us.  We should endeavour to ensure that these memories do not fade in the coming years.  This is a challenge for the “younger” members amongst us.

I wish each and every one a most pleasant celebration on this our 50th Anniversary.   May your future years be enveloped with the satisfaction of having participated in a worthwhile endeavour… for it was more than just a job,… it was a life experience…. . thanks for the memories…. and for those of you with whom I had the opportunity of associating with on a personal level, …you are not forgotten… every now and again,… I chuckle at some of our shared experiences…. ttt….may it live forever!

Farouk A Muhammad- Nov. 1963 to June 1978.
First National to become Program Director.


Hello ttt Pioneers
From the best available information, August 24, 1962 was the launch of ttt on air service.  On that date regular test transmissions began.  The full service was inaugurated on August 31 to co-inside with Independence and the formal ceremony for the service was not until November 1963.  What ever the date ttt was launched in 1962 under Foreign  Management and they did a remarkably splendid job of recruitment.
I joined in November of 1963 and wish to congratulate all who so diligently gave of their best to make the service succeed.  The Government of T&T bought, through joint and mutual understanding,  the the external shares and the local staff was entrusted with repaying the debt.  That was achieved and the service was profitable by the mid seventies with 33 and a half hours of locally produced programming per week in all program categories.
On this very special Golden Jubilee Anniversary, I reminisce with astounding pleasure for the opportunity which I had to meet and work with some remarkable people.  Many of whom have become life long friends and, I will carry to the end of time many pleasant memories.
My very best to you in your future endeavours.  Be proud,  for you made television possible in Trinidad and Tobago and nothing can take that away from you.
I was a TTT employee only briefly (in 1972) in the newsroom with Yusuff, Ed, Dale and Neil, later from 1974 – 1981 I was there every day (it seems) doing programmes for the Office of the PM, and then briefly in 1991 a Director in the Martin Daly board.  However, I met, knew, interacted with and developed good friendships with many of you.
Although I live in Antigua, I have been in TNT for the past few months doing some work here for the Ministry of Public Admin – training public servants through the Public Service Academy of the Ministry and providing some communications support etc to the Ministry. The office is upstairs NALIS, the public library on Abercromby/Queen St.
This is my email address and my phone number is 351-1000 or 385-2385.  Please feel free to call, email and stay in touch.
Your sincere wishes to all the ttt pioneers has hit a warm spot in my heart.
Having been there from Day One it was my greatest pleasure to see the fledgling operation grow and prosper into a mirror of the country it represented.  This was only possible through the dedication and perseverance of the wonderfully committed employees who didn’t know the word “can’t”.  Everything was possible because of the desire and enthusiasm of these marvelous personnel.  For me personally, the highlight of my television career was spending those incredibly long hours in the early days alongside those men and women who wanted nothing more than to succeed in the eyes of their fellow countrymen.  And succeed they did….well beyond my expectations.  I salute all of them.
m so happy to have received this e-mail.  TTT was a great part of my life.  There was a passion for success there that so many possessed and I as young as I was then, I remember those days as my dad’s good old days. I remember all the names and faces and I remember exactly how everything looked inside the building and yes, I even remember the smell of film!  Having made the decision to leave media and move on to new things this year I am so happy to learn that this is the 50th anniversary of a place that meant so much to my father and our family.
Daniella Barsotti  on behalf of our mom Angela, sister Reina and our husbands Tom and Amedeo and the grand sons Adam, Logan and Luciano

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